How To Make Beats Sound Professional

close-up photography of turned on audio mixer
When you have created the perfect vibe, the one thing that can take your beat to the next level is the mixing of the track. When your instrumentals are mixed well and sound clear, that can make it appeal more to the artist or listener. For years I have watched countless YouTube videos and tested out various methods to get my mixes up to industry standard. I love for my mixes to have an old school lo-fi vibe to them, but still sound clear.

There are numerous steps and processes to make a mix complete, but I feel that EQ is one of the most critical processes. The reason EQ is so important in my process is that it allows me to blend everything perfectly together and manipulate the sound to my liking.

Mixing Beats In FL Studio 20

I often get asked how I accomplish achieving my lo-fi sound, and my reply is EQ. I mix my instrumentals in FL Studio 20 because it’s what I feel most comfortable with.

Once you can understand what frequencies control what sounds, you can manipulate your beats and make them sound however you like. One equalizer I strongly recommend would be T-Racks Equal equalizer. It achieves such a clear sound even if you are looking to have a lo-fi sound, and you really can get some fantastic results.

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