There Is No Such Thing As A Bad Beat

man sitting facing monitor
As producers, we are somewhat of perfectionists. A lot of times, we don’t like to release our music unless we feel it sounds perfect. For a lot of producers, that will limit the amount of beats that they put out because every beat isn’t going to sound ideal; however, in my opinion, there is no such thing as a bad beat.

My reason for saying this is because I make a lot of music daily and put it out and some instrumentals I like more than others, but I end up getting fantastic engagement or feedback on beats that I may not have loved as much when I was in the process of making it. The reason for this is because everyone hears things differently, and everyone has a different vision and message. A beat that might not sound so amazing when you’re making it can turn out to be a hit song in the hands of the right artist.

The More Music You Make, The Better

Even if your instrumental doesn’t sound perfect in the moment you are making it, don’t let that keep you from releasing it and putting it out to the world. Not only will someone still like it, but you will also be able to receive constructive criticism and get a better understanding of your core audience and what your fans want to hear from you.

I love to put out a lot of different vibes daily. I try not to stick to one particular sound. I know what my core is and what they love the most from me, but by staying creative and experimenting with different vibes, I allow myself to get better and maybe even capture a whole new audience as well.

Wondering Where to Buy Beats?

I get it — discovering where to buy beats can be challenging. It’s hard to find instrumentals for sale that speak to you and inspire you to create something that you love. That’s why I created Lebanon Don Beats. There’s something for everyone, and with new beats and different vibes dropping on a regular basis, I know you’ll find something you love right here on my website.

Take a look around to find a beat that speaks to you. Need something custom? I can do that as well, so contact me today to get the process started. I’d love to help bring your vision to life.